Fresh Mealworms 8.4 oz (1600 Count Total, 12 Bags) Superior to Live Mealworms – Premium Food for Leopard Gecko, Exotic Bird Food, Sugar Glider Food, Hedgehog Food -High Nutritients, No Preservatives

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why buy mealwormswhy buy mealworms


Why we are selling fresh mealworms ?









Fresh Mealworms

Mealworms are nutritious insects that are high in crude protein and crude fat. They are a good food for birds, reptiles, and small animals.

Mealworms Nutrition

These worms are not live, but were packed fresh. Packing these worms fresh means that they contain their natural juices and maintain their natural nutrients.

For Chicken Feed, Bird, Turtle,Fish

Not just a treat for chicken. Also great for lizards, turtles, wild birds, ducks, geese, blue birds, bearded dragons, and frogs.

Why feed my animals fresh mealworms?

Giving your animals fresh mealworms will provide them with the opportunity to keep their health at its best, living a great and long-last life! In the end they’ll be getting all of the nutrients they need to sustain a healthy life.

WHY FRESH MEALWORMS SUPERIOR vs LIVE MEALWORMS – Fresh Mealworms much cleaner than live meal worms with no bacteria, our fresh meal worms clean by high temperature steam that kills bacteria’s and clean the worms. Our Fresh Mealworms preserve by ozone treatment technology, which keeps mealworms fresh with no preservatives and no lost nutrients. Tired of handling yucky live mealworms, freshly packed mealworms much easier to handle, easy to feed and contains as much nutrients as live mealworms.
PREMIUM QUALITY – Our Fresh mealworms is BIG, THICK, JUICY and about 1 inch Long. Premium pets treat with an excellent source of Protein, Fiber, and Minerals. CONVENIENT PACKAGING: 8.4 oz of fresh Mealworms pack in 12 pouches inside a top resealable large zip bag for easy opening and closing, Zip bag keeps the mealworms fresh for a long time, no refrigeration required.
100% NATURAL MEALWORMS – These are packed fresh, NOT live! Mealworms were harvested with no preservatives and additives, NON GMO. Mealworms grown from feeding on organic fruits, grain and vegetables. FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: With any fresh food, need to eat right away after opening. For example fresh apple: leave apple for an hour after cut open, apple will turn dark brown. Same goes with our fresh mealworms: leave worms an hour after opening bag, mealworms will turn dark color and won’t be fresh.
BULK MEALWORMS – 8.4 oz bag of mealworms. Comes with 12 pouches, each pouch weights 20 grams, approximately 130 pieces of Fresh, Long, Large mealworms. More treats and higher quality for your pets for less price, and no need the hassle of rushing to the store and overpaying for Fresh meal worms. Premium food for Leopard Gecko, Food for Exotic Birds, Food for Sugar Glider, Food for Hedgehog, Food for Chinchilla, Food for Baby Chicken, Food for Hyacinth Macaw, Crested Gecko Food and more!
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If for ANY reason you or your PET not satisfied with your purchase of our ”8.4 oz Fresh Mealworms”, AMZEY guarantees 100% easy hassle free return within 30 days after purchase for FULL REFUND or exchange with no questions asked!

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